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Does SigmaStudio Version Support ADSP-SC589

I'm currently using Sigma Studio Version 4.6 Build 0.Rev 1812. I decided to evaluate ADSP-SC589-MINI Evaluation Board, and downloaded SigmaStudioforSharc-SH-Rel2.2.0_Prod and CrossCoreEmbedded Studio-Rel2.10.0.  I have installed both of them to Windows Machine. It seems CrossCoreEmbedded Studio does support ADSP-SC589. When I open new project from  Sigma Studio there's no ADSP-SC589 Processor in Processor(ICs/DSPs) list. There's a tab Tools/Settings/SHARC and it recognizes CrossCore Embedded Studio.

So,  Could you clarify does SigmaStudio support ADSP-SC589 Processor, or what's missing.