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ADSP-21569 DDR3 Termination Resistor Value Required


1) What is the recommend type of  termination scheme and resistor value for address and command lines of ADSP-21569.

In EE-418 document it is recommend to use series termination resistor of 100 ohms, but in Eval modules EV-21569-SOM & ADZS-21569-EZKIT shunt termination resistor of 100 & 39 ohms

used respectively. Why in EE-418 it is recommend series term res but eval modules shunt res is used.

Finally if I want to implement the termination scheme on address and command lines which is recommended to use

2) ZQ calibration resistor used in eval module is 34 ohms, instead of that can I use 34.8 ohms with 1 % tolerance.

3) VTT is terminated to clock lines through 0.1uFcapacitor is implemented in ADZS-21569-EZKIT, is it recmmended?


Sai Kiran S