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ADSP-21569 Power ON Sequence


What is the recommended Power ON Sequence for the device ADSP-21569.

I am powering the device with the voltages VDD-INT (1V), VDD-DMC (1.35V), VDD-REF(1.8V), VDD-EXT (3.3V)

With these voltages what is the power on sequence.


Sai Kiran S

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  • Hi Sai Kiran,

    As described in the Power-Up and Power-Down Sequencing section, the most critical item is to make sure that the absolute voltage difference between VDD_EXT and VDD_REF does not exceed VDELTA_EXT_REF during power-up/down.

    So yes, VDD_INT can come up first, as long as the above criteria is met. Note that SYS_HWRST should be kept asserted (low) until all power supplies reach minimum specified value and CLKIN has run at-least 11 clock cycles.

    Best regards,