I2S Framwork SC589


I want to Connect I2S input via SPORT0 Ports - Pins in use : 89 for FSCLK, 87 for BCLK and 32 for DATA

My input is Amanero384 - Pins in use : Data, FSCLK, BCLK

Using Demo DXE from SS4S 4.4

My Eval Board Is SC589 in Rev 2.1

On Demo DXE input doasn't work, when using SPDIF(COAX) via CD PLAYER it works well

When we swept pin 32 to 88 and after changed Serial Word Lenght to 16 - I heard some music with bit loss, on 24/32bit loud noise

Maybe somebody had the same issiue with Amanero device or can help with framweork config?

I"m using 0.1 wire directly from pins, lenght is 25cm 

Thanks for help or some information. 

Added info about wire
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