ADAU1777 and ADSP571 in TDM8 Mode

Hello everyone,

I have been struggling with reading the 4 ADC inputs from the ADAU1777 into the ADSP-571 for a couple of weeks now. The issue seems to be that I cannot pack the 4 ADC channels into a single serial stream. I continuously have to change ASRC 0 source select to switch between ADC0-3, depending on which AIN is being used, to get playback. I have attached my Sigma Studio project, does anything else need to be done from the Schematic window? I am pretty confident on the register setup in the Hardware Configuration.

The ADAU1777 is operating as MASTER to the ADSP-571, I have also attached the ADSP software responsible for receiving/transmitting, as well as the SRU settings.

Can someone please assist us on this issue?




.3276.ADAU1777 Sigma

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