sigma studio for sharc

Hello, I recently purchased the ADSP21489 EZKIT with a JTAG debugging agent. I was wondering if I can use sigma studio for sharc for this setup or do I need an emulator to run sigma studio on the ADSP21489.

Thanks a lot.


  • Hi,

    May I know which version of SigmaStudio for SHARC package you are using?

    All support documents available in SS4SH installation folder,

    e.g) C:\Analog Devices\SoftwareModules\SigmaStudioForSHARC-SH-Rel2.2.0\Docs

    Answer to your query:

    1.  If you are going to work with SigmaStduio and SigmaStudio for SHARC, you need "ADZS-USBI2EZB" adaptor and USBi i.e)

    "EVAL-ADUSB2EBZ" board. Please refer section 4.1 Hardware Requirements  in "SigmaStudio_for_SHARC_Users_Guide.pdf" doucument in SS4SH installation folder.

    2. If you are going to modify demo application framework for your requirements, then you need  emulator "ADZS-HBUSB-ICE/ADSP-HPUSB-ICE".

        The demo application is available in SS4SH installation folder. e.g) C:\Analog Devices\SoftwareModules\SigmaStudioForSHARC-SH-Rel2.2.0\Target\Demo