pin configuration for RCA connectors using ADSP SC589.

I'm using the demo code attached below for ADSP SC589 ez board, and I got the required audio output. But, I'm unable to understand the pin configuration for audio IO (J16 and J6 on ADSPSC589 ez kit). From the schematic of ADSPSC589 ez board. I've figured out that J16 connectors (RCA outputs) are connected to few DAI pins on P1B and P3A connectors on ez board. That is DAI1_PIN01 - SPORT2-CLK etc. I'm unable to understand how the pins are configured in CCES example (demo code). I'm not sure where to look. Is it in fw_audioIO.c or sport.c or adi_ss_smap.h file? Kindly help with the pin configuration for RCA connectors.