Basic volume control on ADSPSC589 ez board.

I've attached a sample schematic from the example folder in sigmastudio which used to control volume and mute. In the schematic, there are 4 RCA inputs, 2 s/pdif inputs and 6 RCA outputs. I've used demo DXE (CCES) for ADSPSC589 given in the example folder of software module.

I have 1 RCA mic as input and 1 RCA speaker as output.

Can someone tell me how the processor knows which pins are input and which pins are output? That is, how and where to assign these pins as input and output. I've searched in manual but i couldn't find it. 

My second question is, if i want to use just 1 input and output how do i assign it in the code?

New here, kindly help. Thank you.


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  • Thank you . I got the output on Red RCA . I have few doubts, I'll be grateful if you can clarify them for me. 

    1) I'm getting the audio output but i'm not able to control the volume as well as mute it if i use the below schematic (I'm able to mute and control volume if i use the example schematic).  This is the "single_input" schematic that I've provided earlier.

    2) How can we find out on which RCA we will get the output? like how we got output on Red RCA instead of white RCA. 

    3) How can we find which channel belongs to which RCA? like how do we know 1st white input RCA is CH0? 

    4) In the demo code, (U-47 port) the direction of IODIRA and IODIRB in the softconfig.c file is given as output. Since we havent mentioned input ports, How did the processor select (RCA) 4 inputs and 8 outputs instead of 12 outputs? 

  • Ans 1: we recommend you to always use latest SigmaStudio 4.2 with SigmaStudio for SHARC 4.2.0 package. please check whether the download status as "active download" in SigmaStudio, we can't control when download status in "design mode".

    Ans 2: You can find the hardware schematic from "" by searching "ADSP-SC589". If you have hardware schematic then you can find how the ADC, DAC and Switches are connected.

    Ans 3: Refer Ans 2 for how the ADC input and DAC output connected on the hardware schematic, we can map any input channel to any output channel from SigmaStudio schematic.

    Ans 4: There are two software configurable switches used for different I/O control, here AUDIO_JACK_SEL High for input, please refer hardware schematic.