Basic volume control on ADSPSC589 ez board.

I've attached a sample schematic from the example folder in sigmastudio which used to control volume and mute. In the schematic, there are 4 RCA inputs, 2 s/pdif inputs and 6 RCA outputs. I've used demo DXE (CCES) for ADSPSC589 given in the example folder of software module.

I have 1 RCA mic as input and 1 RCA speaker as output.

Can someone tell me how the processor knows which pins are input and which pins are output? That is, how and where to assign these pins as input and output. I've searched in manual but i couldn't find it. 

My second question is, if i want to use just 1 input and output how do i assign it in the code?

New here, kindly help. Thank you.


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  • Hi,

    Please follow the same steps given in section 6.2 Getting Started with Example Schematic

    C:\Analog Devices\SoftwareModules\SigmaStudioForSHARC-SH-Rel4.1.0\Docs "AE_42_SS4G_QuickStartGuide.pdf"

    Here only the change, you need to select DXE you have generated in project debug folder, for both CCES debug configuration and SigmaStudio Schematic.

    Ans 1: No need of any softconfig.c change. Schematic creation, you need to refer example and you can change input and output as you want. Hardware setup, please refer attached image for input/output connection.

    Ans 2: You can give or get input/output at any time, only thing you should follow section 6.2 Getting Started with Example Schematic steps carefully.

    whether you got audio output for the pre-built DXE with Example schematic? If yes then you can easily modify schematic for your requirement.


  • Hi ,

    Replying to your question, I'm working on demo example. And No! I didn't get the audio output using pre-built DXEs. I've followed exactly what the quick start guide says and after link-compile-download, I got assertion failed error on my console in CCES(The code was under debug mode) (I get this error once in a while. I never got any audio output till now though). I've attached the picture below. Please check.

    Also, as i mentioned earlier, the demo example has about 27 errors.

    The error is in the line inside InitializeFW function as highlighted below. 

  • Could you please share your SigmaStudio Schematic?


  • could you please share your SigmaStudio schematic?

    I hope that you have not made any changes to the Demo application framework.

  • I'm using 2 schematics to check if i'm getting output on one. And No, I haven't changed anything

    in the application framework. Below is the example which is already present in the examples folder. I've just changed hardware configuration from USBi to Aardvark as shown below.

    The other schematic is this one below, I've just unchecked the inputs  and reduced the mute block and outputs, since I've only 1 input and output source with me. 

    I'm not getting any output audio on both these schematics.