Connecting ADSP-21489 EZ-KIT with SigmaStudio for SHARC


I am having hard time with connecting SigmaStudio for Sharc with the ADSP-21489 EZ-KIT. The PC properly recognized the kit once USB was plugged it. However when I dragged the USBi block in SigmaStudio on the schematic it stayed red indicating the connection is not made.

I did follow the SigmaStudio Users Guide and configured all jumpers on the eval kit including the boot switch (SW4) to position 0 .

The kit uses ADZS-SADA2 board to interface between the kit (via 2 14pin headers) and the USB on PC.

  • Hi,

    May I know which version of SigmaStudio and SigmaStudio for SHARC package you are using?

    I think ADZS-SADA2  debug agent can be used with VDSP developments. we need to use ADZS-USBI2EZB interface connector and (USBi) EVAL-ADUSB2EBZ or EVAL-ADUSB2Z board to connect with ADSP-21489 EZ-KIT for SigmaStudio developments.

    Please refer used guide section "5. Hardware Setup" for more information about USBi connection with Ez-Kit.

    If you already have USBi and interface connector mentioned above, then refer the SigmaStudio help from "C:\Program Files\Analog Devices\SigmaStudio x.x\Help" folder. Refer Installation Procedure "Step 3: Driver Installation" for resolving USBi connection issue.


  • It looks like I was missing USBI2EZB adapter board. Once connected to the 21489 EZ BRD then the Sigma Studio USBI interface indicator turned green. I did not have to use the ADZS-SADA2 adapter.

    I am using Sigma Studio ver 4.2

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