how to link cces with sigmastudio? Fail to open adi_sigma_sharc.ldf

Hi, everyone

I'm now working on sharc 21489 and trying to generate target application LDR file with schematic 'code' and 'parameter' embedded in it. I have read through following link:

1. I have generated the file "ss_code_param.asm"  and copy it to src folder of the project;

2. I've modified the app.c code as requirements.

but now I am stocked on the final step, some errors  with .ldf  :

'Invoking: CrossCore SHARC Linker'
cc21k -proc ADSP-21489 -si-revision any -no-mem -map -LD:/DSP/zhou/RemoteSystemsTempFiles/ADSP_21489_ASD_Rev_03/Debug/system/startup_ldf -LC:/Analog\ Devices/SoftwareModules/SigmaStudioForSHARC-SH-Rel2.2.0/Target/Lib -flags-link -MDDEBUG,-MDCORE0 -flags-link -i,C:/Analog\ Devices/SoftwareModules/SigmaStudioForSHARC-SH-Rel2.2.0/Target/ldf -flags-link -e -flags-link -ev -add-debug-libpaths -flags-link libadi_sigma_sharc_swc.dlb -o ADSP_21489_ASD_Rev_03.dxe @input-file.txt ../system/startup_ldf/app.ldf -flags-link -od,.\.

[Error pp0043] Preprocessor failed to open '..\..\..\ldf\adi_sigma_sharc.ldf'
Invoke "pp -help" to produce a command-line usage summary.

Preprocessor finished with 1 error(s) 0 warning(s)

Preprocessor failed

Linker finished with 2 errors
cc3089: fatal error: Link failed (code:1)
make: *** [ADSP_21489_ASD_Rev_03.dxe] Error 1

I used cces2.8.1 and  SigmaStudio 4.2

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  • Hi,

    Is your project folder having "adi_sigma_sharc.ldf" file and make sure whether the relative path given for this file in "app.ldf" is correct?

    please refer SS4SH installation folder for "adi_sigma_sharc.ldf" file and the relative path given in "app.ldf" of demo project .

    Path: C:\Analog Devices\SoftwareModules\SigmaStudioForSHARC-SH-Rel2.2.0\Target\LDF\adi_sigma_sharc.ldf