ADSP-21489: Slave booting & Code example in C ?

Hi Guys,

With my collegues, we are spending a lot of time trying to booting the DSP in slave mode from a Host-uC.

But somehow it just doesn't want to do it.

The configuration seems to be ok (CPHASE=1, CPOL=1 and the BOOT_CFG pins are pulled down) and my signals (DSP_RST, #CS, CLK, MOSI) looks great.

We just don't know what could be the problem. It's the very first time I spend so much time to slave boot a DSP through spi.

Before droping my code here, I'd like to ask you for examples code in C.

Do you have any example of slave booting in C ?

Just don't take it bad guys, but I think you should propose some examples in C.  The application note about slave booting is in assembler. 

It just irritates me to see all the codes you propose is in assembler.

Thanks in advance 

Jason Bourne