Help? DSP Project.

Hello all!

I am new to this website, but I wanted to know if I was in the correct place? I am a senior in college and I am looking for project ideas that implement DSP technology and software? It is a general research project, but it must have a direction in actual research and/or improvements to the field of study. Do you folks have any ideas? I was thinking of purchasing the ADSP-21262 EZ-KIT Lite Evaluation System to try and produce something of value. Is this the correct board? How would you recommend I go about this? Please help, thank you!  

  • Are you looking to learn more about DSP, writing real time code, or some specific application area?  I might suggest different things depending on what interests you (and yeah, pick something that you find really interesting as whatever you pick it's going to suck up more time than you realize, so you want to make sure you love what you're doing). Can you combine the work with some other interest(s) you have?

    For example, if you're more interested in the applications of DSP then teh SigmaDSP is great as you can focus on what you want to do and not writing code (i.e. use Sigma Studio).  OTOH if you want to learn about coding and real time processing a SHARC system is the way to go (and go with 4xx or the latest 5xx in that case).  

    And though ADI might not like me to say it, don't rule out a Cortex M4 or (preferred) M7 board.  They're cheap and DSP wise can do a lot of things.

    I don't' suggest RPi or other Linux systems as there's a lot of other stuff that would distract you vs. a dedicated "DSP" platform.


  • To begin I believe audio signal processing would suffice as an introductory building block. I would like to, in the end, learn how to develop voice to text recognition applications that would provide for an adequate entry on my resume. Would the SigmaDSP still be useful for this purpose? How would you recommend I go about this?