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After generating an application LDR with schematic code and parameter,parameter tuning doesn't work

Hi everyone,

    I have generated the application LDR with schematic code and parameter,according to "SigmaStudio_No_Download_Mode.pdf" from the FAQ"Is it possible to generate target application LDR file with schematic 'code' and 'parameter' embedded in it?".And it's done with all things going well.But after sharc booted up and music playing,I connect the board to my computer with USBi.Then actions in sigma studio,such as downloading schematic from sigma studio,tuning parameters,just don't work well without any effects.

   For now,I am working on the host controlling to sharc for which downloading from host is no longer needed with the schematic code and parameter embedded in application LDR.So I just question about:

(1)Is it available to send parameters for tuning in this case of parameter and code embedded in application LDR?

(2)Why tuning parameters from sigma studio do not take affect?Any problem with my operation as described above?

Attached is my application project and sigma studio project(sigmastudio version is3.9.2 with SS4S of 2.1.0).

Best Regards,

  • Hi Liang,

    Glad that the issue is solved. In this mode, only the initial download of schematic is skipped, rest of the operations like tuning can be performed from SigmaStudio.

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  • I have resolved this problem,and it is caused by not configured the SPI to corresponding DPI pin after changing the SELECT_SPI1 to SELECT_SPI1_NO_WAIT.That comes with my carelessness.

  • Hi,

    I have went through all the three steps in the document "SigmaStudio_No_Download_Mode.pdf" successfully. The application with schematic code and parameter embedded in it could run on the board when I write the generated LDR file into SPI flash and then the board is powered off and again powered on. At this time, no emulator or USBi are connected to the board. After that, I open the same SS4SH project in the SigmaStudio that are combined with  default application for sharc 21489 previously and connect the board to my PC with USBi. I try tuning module parameter of block shematic tab, there is no sound effect difference in different parameter settings. Parameter tuning seems doesn't work. What should I do to make parameter tuning ok? could you tell me the details how you resolve this problem?