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Problem of Compiler for ADSP21489 in Sigma Studio for Sharc


I wanted to compile my first project, and I had an error like "Sharc assembler is not found", when I installed the Sigma Studio for Sharc option!
Thanks for your help, I'm just getting started.

Best regards,

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  • Hi mkokaly,

    in reality it was missing with the kit, the SigmaStudio USBi to Ez-Board Adapter.
    Now I installed it and the USB LED is green in Sigma studio.

    Best regards,

  • I made a super simple project to start. I connected the analog inputs directly to the outputs. a simple wire.
    but I think it doesn't work even though Sigma studio doesn't mention an error at the bottom right of the screen.
    Here are the explanations, I enter with a sine generator, which I put in series with the output, a resistance of 600 Ohms, already when I connect the empty voltage (without connection) goes from 0.85V 0.66mV which wants the input impedance to be super low. (not normal according to the diagram which indicates an input impedance of approximately 5KOhms. on the output, I also have 0.66mV. But if I cut the supply (OFF), on the output and the input, the voltage of sine goes back to 0.55V.
    Please explain my error to me.

  • Hi,

    We´d strongly recommend that you refer to the SigmaStudio for SHARC Getting Started Guide. It should have been automatically installed upon installation of the tools, and it should be located here (default installation path): “C:\Analog Devices\SoftwareModules\SigmaStudioForSHARC-SH-Relx.x.x” folder.

    SHARC example schematics are provided as well, which you can use as a reference to create your own project.

    For any further requests, not directly related to this original post, please open a new post.