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Typo in Bare Metal Framework: pushbutton callback

Category: Software
Product Number: Bare Metal Framework
Software Version: 2.1.2

Just a minor hint:

In SHARC Audio Module Bare Metal SDK 2.1.2 there is a little typo in the framework files 

audio_framework_8ch_sam_and_audioproj_fin_arm.c and


In both files the interrupt of pushbutton 2 is attached to the callback for pushbutton 1.

The corrected lines should look like this:

    gpio_attach_interrupt(GPIO_SHARC_SAM_PB1, pushbutton_callback_sam_pb1, GPIO_FALLING, 0);
    gpio_attach_interrupt(GPIO_SHARC_SAM_PB2, pushbutton_callback_sam_pb2, GPIO_FALLING, 0);

Hope this helps.