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SC589 SHARC Bare Metal Framework DMA Enablement - Not Working

Category: Software
Product Number: ADSP-SC589
Software Version: SARC BareMetal Framework Release 2.1.2

The setup is the template CrossCore Embedded (2.11.1) SHARC Bare Metal framework project with no audio FIN, no Faust, and 1 SHARC core.

I have debugged through two issues:  Setting up the ADAU1761 and looking for the multicore_data->sharc_core1_processing_audio flag set to true.

Both required a timeout while loop.

After this, however, it does not appear that the DMA is working, because the framework's process audio callback function within the SHARC core 1 code is not called.

Is there a correct / updated DMA configuration that is not present in the SHARC Bare Metal Release 2.1.2 framework?  

Also, is there a beta for the next release of the framework?



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