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Ad1939 codec initialization (setup: SAM board sc589 + Eval-Shaudio-ezext with 3x AD1939)

Category: Software

We put together a SAM board (sc589) with the Eval-Shaudio-ezext kit.   We have used the codec initialization code from example from 

 "Analog Devices\ADSP-21469_EZKIT-Rel1.0.0\21469_EZ-Board\Examples\AD1939_Block_Based_Talkthru_192 kHz\" project.

We can output 24 analog channels  (48kHz)  in the Eval-Shaudio-ezext kit.  If we use only 1 codec (8 channels), it sounds fine.  However, after a few seconds (sometimes minutes) the audio output starts crushing  and then it fades out (all channels). 

Since the audio is clean when we reset the Sam board, I believe the configuration must be correct. 

Does anybody experienced similar behavior? Any hint is appreciated.