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Hello, I'm trying to compile FAUST generated C++ code with CCES. I'm having the same issue that another user reported about compatibility with C++ 11 code while C++ files from the repository sam-faust by moforte build perfectly. I found a similiar question asked by an user and tried to enable the setting "Compile C++ source files with C++ 11 feature extensions". 

This resolved all the errors but one that still doesnt allow me to compile, the error is "cannot open source file "alloca.h", so it doesnt recognize this library, what can i do?

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  • Hello,

    Unfortunately the online editor would not be able to be used. I communicated with them today and no progress has been made with generating code that will work with our older compiler unfortunately. I am going to have to update our Faust wiki pages to reflect these changes. It looks like using version 2.6.1 of Faust is the best option.