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I want to operate the SHARC Audio Module as a USB device using the CLD library

Thank you for your help.

I tried to operate the SHARC Audio Module as a USB device by following the steps below.
It didn't work.

Create a SHARC Audio Module Bare Metal Project.
(CCES2.9.4, using Audio Project Fin)

From the link below

Download LD CDC USB to Serial example V1.0 and
I copied the required files to the core0 src folder of my project.
Then import the library into my project.

Add USB related processing in the main function of project startup_code_core0.c by referring
to the user guide of the library.

while (1) {

    if (rv == USER_CDC_INIT_ONGOING)
         rv = user_cdc_init();
    else if (rv == USER_CDC_INIT_SUCCESS)
The user_cdc_init function is successful.

I run the program and connect the P10 on the board to my PC with a USB cable,
but it doesn't work at all.
The USB event handler is only called once at connection time and is not called at all.

Can anyone please tell me how to make USB work?

  • Hi Fujita, we've been working on a lot of new software for teh Sharc Audio Module - one of the supported features is to use the Sharc Audio Module as a multi-channel USB AUdio Class 2.0 sound device.  we have a pretty good starting example project - I'm in the process of documenting the process to go along with the code - I'll try to get something posted shortly.  There are a number of supported exampes/features:

    • USB Audio Class 2.0
    • a command shell (talking to a terminal program on a host computer)
    • an "audio routing engine" to let you route audio from all of the various audio devices
    • support for the A2B bus (discovery and routing of audio)
    • SD-Card support
    • some simple scripting
    • (and some nice additiona features coming soon like wav file play/record, etc)