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License error question


I am getting a license error. I am pretty sure I have the correct sharc audio module hardware since the chip says ADSP-SC589

A valid license is required but could not be found.
The hardware found (ADSP-21160) does not match the licensed hardware (ADSP-SC589).
Licensed only for the following processor(s): ADSP-SC589 (via EZ-KIT License)
cc1458: Catastrophic error: could not obtain license

  • Hello,

    From your query we suspect that, you are using CCES EZ-KIT license only, which is belongs to SHARC Audio Module. Please confirm.

    If so, this license will allow you to use the SHARC Audio Module with CCES using an ICE-1000 emulator only. Therefore, you can't use this ezk license for ADSP-21160 processor.

    Please note that, An EZ-KIT license for the CCES development tool chain, has a serial number prefix of EZK and it only allows development for the EZ-KIT board for which it is licensed. This means, EZ-KIT license shipped along with SAM board will allow you to use only the specific ADSP-SC589 SAM board with CCES using an ICE-1000 emulator.

    The license does not allow the use of the simulator when debugging applications. The developer must use the emulator and their EZ-KIT board to debug applications.

    In order to use ADSP-21160 processor, you would required an Evaluation or Full license to use CrossCore Embedded Studio with ADSP-21160 processor

    An evaluation license can be obtained from CrossCore Embedded Studio, which offers a tool chain evaluation license the first time it runs.It can be activated once on a particular machine for 90 days.

    Please refer the below FAQ to obtain evaluation license for CCES
    FAQ: How can I obtain and install a licenses for CrossCore Embedded Studio?

    Also, You can buy the full license for cces from the below link:

    For more details on pricing and discount, please contact your local ADI sales office or distributor. You can get the sales office and distributors details by selecting your continent and then select country from the below link.

    Also, please note, as the support we can offer may be limited here - Please contact private support through the link below:

    Or you can email to Processor Tools Support through:

    Please make sure to add the link of this EZone thread while contacting private support.