New to the sc589 mini but not new to development systems. I'm following the example: Opening the Framework in CCES

Everything works exactly like the example until I enter apply and debug.

at this point the clean make (etc) causes a magenta led on the emulator (main board still green).

when I start the cores, I get a green and 3 yellow flashing leds on the mini board.

I'm running cces 2.93 and the associated last release of baremetal sdk. I loaded this version so I could follow the example(s) exactly on a windows 10 machine with all updates since the interface changed in 2.94.

I have my 3 project files copied, but I can't figure out how to insert them into this...insert doesn't seem to help?

Any help is greatly appreciated after days of CCES and Baremetal SDK tutorials over and over.