Flashing the CCES code in SHARC AUDIO MODULE


  I am trying to flash the SC589 Audio Framework Code in SHARC AUDIO MODULE ,after flash the code the FAULT LED(LED1) is blinking.

I have followed the below Procedure.

1.CCES  Version  2.9.0 in windows is used.

2.Loader Creation Batch file consists:

  "C:\Analog Devices\CrossCore Embedded Studio 2.9.0\elfloader.exe" -proc ADSP-SC589 -core0=DSP_Audio_Framework_Core0/Debug/DSP_Audio_Framework_Core0 -init "C:/Analog Devices/CrossCore Embedded Studio 2.9.0/SHARC/ldr/ezkitSC589_preload_core0_v10" -core1=DSP_Audio_Framework_Core1/Debug/DSP_Audio_Framework_Core1.dxe -core2=DSP_Audio_Framework_Core2/Debug/DSP_Audio_Framework_Core2.dxe -NoFinalTag=DSP_Audio_Framework_Core0/Debug/DSP_Audio_Framework_Core0 -NoFinalTag=DSP_Audio_Framework_Core1/Debug/DSP_Audio_Framework_Core1.dxe -b SPI -f BINARY -verbose -Width 8 -bcode 0x1 -o DSP_Audio_Framework.ldr

3. Flashing Batch file consists:

 "C:\Analog Devices\CrossCore Embedded Studio 2.9.0\cldp.exe" -proc ADSP-SC589 -core 1 -emu 1000 -driver sam_dpia_Core1.dxe -cmd prog -erase affected -format bin -file DSP_Audio_Framework.ldr -cmd compare -format bin -file DSP_Audio_Framework.ldr

4. Using driver sam_dpia_Core1.dxe is shared for SHARC AUDIO MODULE Board (referred from SAM_BareMetal_SDK-Rel2.1.0).

  Kindly share,Is there any updates in flashing and Fault LED  Error details.



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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Nov 22, 2019 3:35 PM

    Hello Bharathasree.R.S,

    I am noticing 1 problem. You want to use the init_code equivalent and not the preload. The preload is used when connecting and debugging in CCES but init_codes are used when creating the ldr file. Also, you cannot have any file IO as part of your ARM binary when creating the ldr file so that is something to look at as well.

    I have to create a page for flashing but take a look at C:\Analog Devices\SAM_BareMetal_SDK-Rel2.1.0\extras\flash-programmer. We have tried to make it fairly easy to flash using the bare metal framework as well. Essentially you drop your dxe files into the Input_DXE_Files folder, update the prog_SAM_flash_ice1000.bat file to point to the correct CCES installation and use a command line similar to the following:

    prog_SAM_flash_ice1000.bat my_file

    The dxes for my_file that you put in the Input_DXE_Files would look like my_file_Core0, my_file_Core1.dxe, and my_file_Core2.dxe

    Please let me know how you get on with this.



  • Hi Chad,

    Thanks for the information.

    while changing the loader file creation by using init code,I have observed the below result.

    1.Loader is created by using Loader Creation Batch file(the init code dxe is updated instead of Preload code).

    2.  Code flashing is done by No Boot mode(JP1 setting) using  Batch file of Flashing.

    3. After flashing gets completed, LED1 (FAULT )is blinking.(JP1 is still in No Boot Mode)

    4.while changing the JP1 setting to SPI Boot Mode from No Boot Mode, FAULT LED does not blinking.

    The expected output also getting.

    Please let me know while flashing gets completed in No Boot Mode blink of LED1  is expected?



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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Nov 25, 2019 1:45 PM in reply to bharathasree R S

    Hi Bharathasree.R.S,

    I have not really paid much attention to the completion of flashing other than if my application boots successfully or not. I have seen the fault LED come on after flashing before. I don't remember it blinking. Does your application boot successfully if you install the jumper so it boots from flash?



  • Hi Chad,

     Thanks for the Information. My Application also boots successfully while install the jumper in SPI Boot Mode.


  • Hi Chad,

    I have a question about the prog_SAM_flash_ice1000.bat file that you referred to in the Bare Metal SDK installation.

    I see that it uses elfloader.exe with the -bcode 0x1 paramter,  which according to Table 53-15 in SC589 HRM specifies "Legacy single-bit SPI mode" for reading from the SPI part.

    However looking at the schematic for SHARC Audio Module,  I can see U7 is a "quad" mode SPI flash part.  Wouldn't it be better (faster loading time) to use one of the "Quad Mode" options listed in Table 53-15 for the bcode?  Which of the Quad Mode entries in Table 53-15 would be correct for the SHARC Mini board?