Bare Metal Framework Porting


I'm working on an automotive project. The audio routing & processing will be handled in the ADSP21571. So I'm trying to transplant bare metal framework for ADSP21571. Here are several questions. Could you please kindly confirm for me? Thanks in advance.

1. Is there any other method to implement the project without bare metal Framework? Such as use the sigmaStudio + SigmaStudioForSHARC?

2. Is there any other framework which can directly use in ADSP21571?

3. Can I port the bare metal framework to ADSP21571? Is it a right direction?

    If yes, is there any guide and advice?  What's the key to transplant the framework to ADSP21571. And If I have to transplant all contents in ARM core to SHARC?


Add one more question.
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