SC-58x dynamically loading SHARC from ARM

Using an SC-589 Ez Board and eventually my own custom hardware, I want to dynamically load a SHARC program from the ARM core.  The ARM core will run under Linux.  According to this discussion SC589: How to program Sharc core from Linux Add-in command line? this is not possible: "Dynamically load Sharc excutable in run time from Linux is not supported at this moment, we don't have a solution for this yet."

Is it possible for me to decode the .LDR file with the ARM and write the appropriate memory blocks to the SHARC core L1 memory through the multi-processor memory space?  I am using the mmap() Linux function and have verified that I can read/write the SHARC's L1 memory successfully.  Then I would release the reset on the SHARC using the corectrl commands.

Or is there a better/easier way to do this?

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