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Using UART1 instead of UART0 sc589-ezkit

Category: Software
Product Number: ADSP-SC589
Software Version: Yocto 3.1.1

Our custom board is based on the sc589-ezkit. It uses UART1 instead of UART0.

What are the changes required to lnxdsp-linux and lnxdsp-u-boot to uses UART1?

So far we've identified the following files in lnxdsp-u-boot that mention UART:




Is it a case of refactoring uart0 to uart1 everywhere? Or maybe swapping the pin numbers for uart0 from (C13,C14) to (B2,B3). (B2 and B3 are the pin numbers for UART1 so it's a bit of a hack)

Or maybe use the sru?