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SC-572 power saving

Category: Software
Software Version: release/yocto-1.0.0.

Hi team,

 our customer try to reduce the power consumption of CPU by changing the CPU frequency.

       Did the driver sc5xx-cpufreq.c support powersave mode for sc572? customer saw the frequency of table are all the same.

       If not supported, could you team provide the driver to support powersave mode?

       Linux source branch: release/yocto-1.0.0.


       Besides, could you provide some method to reduce the power consumption?


      Customer had try to control  DPM (Dynamic Power Management). But it has few effect on the consumption.

       DPM command:

              devmem 0x31090070 32 0x00076023

              devmem 0x31090074 16 0x026f

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