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UART boot mode for sc59x

Category: Software

I tried to find details how uart boot mode works and cannot find them. Can You point me out to documentation?

Ie i would like to send uboot spl to boot it from host pc using minicom.

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  • Hi,

    Let me understand your steps:

    - you connected to the miniusb (terminal with u-boot)

    - changed a boot mode to usb (switch at 3)

    - restarted a board

    - start CrossCore Serial Flasher application

    - action "Load and run" with selected u-boot (without SPL?) build/tmp/deploy/images/adsp-sc594-som-ezkit/stage2-boot.ldr

    It did not work for me. Also repeating the last step with first stage1-boot and then stage2-boot does not work (there is no uboot terminal)

  • This is what you expect to see
    I have only dowloaded it in this example, change the command line from "load" to "program" to write the flash

    ./src/ccsfp/build/ccsfp -b 115200 -p /dev/ttyUSB0 -t "ADSP-SC594 SOM" -x "load" /home/user/work_elytone/tools/CrossCoreUtilities-Rel1.7.1/etc/ccsfp/pro

    Sending loader stream.
     Read binary boot stream with 23820 bytes.
     Verified boot stream.
     Autobaud succeeded.
     Downloaded 0/23820 bytes.
     Downloaded 16/23820 bytes.
     Downloaded 1740/23820 bytes.
     Downloaded 3108/23820 bytes.
     Downloaded 3124/23820 bytes.
     Downloaded 5428/23820 bytes.
     Downloaded 7732/23820 bytes.
     Downloaded 9616/23820 bytes.
     Downloaded 9632/23820 bytes.
     Downloaded 11936/23820 bytes.
     Downloaded 14240/23820 bytes.
     Downloaded 16544/23820 bytes.
     Downloaded 18848/23820 bytes.
     Downloaded 19552/23820 bytes.
     Downloaded 19580/23820 bytes.
     Downloaded 19608/23820 bytes.
     Downloaded 21464/23820 bytes.
     Downloaded 21480/23820 bytes.
     Downloaded 21504/23820 bytes.
     Downloaded 22676/23820 bytes.
     Downloaded 22692/23820 bytes.
     Downloaded 23744/23820 bytes.
     Downloaded 23764/23820 bytes.
     Downloaded 23784/23820 bytes.
     Downloaded 23804/23820 bytes.
     Downloaded 23820/23820 bytes.
     Download completed.

    If it says Autobaud failed then its not in the correct bootmode.

    I find if I test it using putty terminal

    I type @ which is what it looks for on auto baud,then it will reply ▒2