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Loading procedure for Core1 and core2, after Linux booting

Category: Software
Product Number: ADI sc589xxx mini/ezkit
Software Version: yocto 1.0.0, CCES-2.10.0


We have followed the below link for Linux booting. The booting is successful Via TFTP boot procedure. 

Yocto Linux 3.0.0 Quickstart Guide for ADSP-SC589 (EZKIT & MINI) [Analog Devices Wiki]

After booting, we need to load LED blink example code shared. Please share the detailed procedure in this.

 We have followed the procedure shared in the below link ....  Section 6.5. With this procedure code is getting loaded, while running the code get structed in the wait loop.

Linux_Add-in_User's_Guide-1.1.0.pdf (

Windows based CCES 2.10.0 only used for this verification. Please support.

example code -