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Include MCAPI in Linux CCES application

Category: Software
Product Number: ADSP SC573 EZkit
Software Version: Linux Add-in: User Guide Version 1.3.1


I'm working with the EZkit SC573, running Linux on ARM core and baremetal applications on SHARC cores. I'm currently working with Linux AddIn (not Yocto Linux), and running some custom application developed in the Linux version of CCES.

I was able to correctly run MCAPI demo from Linux command line in ARM core, after implementing the required changes in Linux kernel and Linux menuconfig. Now I'm trying to include MCAPI usage into my CCES project, but I'm facing some issues during header and source files inclusion.

I am bringing source and header files from "buildroot/output/build/libmcapi-HEAD/", based on their usage on "arm_sharc_msg_demo.c", but there are several mismatchs between main function definitions in source and header files, which brings compilation errors.

  • Solving each error individually does not seem to be an option, as more and more issues seem to appear
  • Including the complete library from the project configuration also brings endless warnings and errors

How would you recomend to include MCAPI into a Linux CCES project? Is there a more direct way than the path I'm following?

Thanks in advance!