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accel_cfft_small_pipe() is returning null handle

Category: Software
I am working on the SC587 chipset which is used to compute complex FFT by two DSPs in a hard time scheduled manner.
I am having a problem where the function "accel_cfft_small_pipe()" is returning a null handle.
=>Error code and error type observed:
fft_err_hdlr #ERR# FFTA Error Type: 2
fft_err_hdlr #ERR# FFTA Error handle: (null)
fft_err_hdlr #ERR# FFTA Error Code: 5
config_ffta  #ERR# Could not open FFT accelerator, handle: 00000000
config_ffta  FFTA0 Status register: 0x8010
1- Behaviour is random and can occur at any time.
2- The Problem can occur to any DSP.
3- When the problem occurs, one DSP continues to perform the correct operation.
4- DSP which got this problem (NULL) then continues to report the same problem.
Please suggest or guide us on this issue.