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[SC573] Running ADI-provided ARM and SHARC compilers on Linux through Wine

Hi team,

I’m in the process of automating the build for the SC573 ARM and SHARC core applications in a Linux build environment. I’m looking into running the ADI-provided GCC bare-metal toolchain & SHARC toolchain in the window version of CCES2.8.3 through wine on Linux host.

I was wondering if you could provide any insight on the side effects of this? or provide a better alternative to automate a project build?

One alternative we thought of was using Cmake on ADI-provided GCC toolchain running in windows, but we have no experience automating in Windows (as opposed to linux). How does ADI automate SC573 project builds internally?

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  • Hi,

    How does ADI automate SC573 project builds internally?

    There is a headless builder available. See the documentation for this feature that is in the CCES help system at:

    • CrossCore…
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