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Linux for ADSP-SC5xx processors

Dear Sir / Madam,

We are looking for Audio Interface card with USB Communication with Linux operating system support. So as a part of our product search we came across the ADZS-SC573 , which suits well for our input formats and LINUX kernel supports. but we would like to get the few additional details as mentioned below

1.  Whether this hardware evaluation kit could be completely programmable / completely functioning in Linux environment or not?

2. Do we require any specific licenses to work on this hardware. If yes , we would require the validity of the software and renewal process?

3. AS per the board specification , this board supports the stereo audio input . Can we program this board to work as mono input / single ended input?

4. We would like to get the resources for device walkthrough and for performing tests on the device.

Our major requirement would be working on a 4 channel input audio signals with Linux Interface. so if we could do the above mentioned tasks with these we are good to go with this above mentioned evaluation kit for our application.

Best Regards,


  • Hi Rohith,

    I am very sorry that your query in this forum was not responded to when you posted it. I am hoping that you were connected to someone else in the company who was able to answer your questions.

    If not, and you are still interested, please find responses to your questions below. If you would like to talk about these points further please let me know.

    1. The hardware is programmable. The processor comes with three cores - one ARM Cortex-A5 core which is able to run Linux. There are also two SHARC DSP cores. These are not programable using Linux, they are developed using CrossCore Embedded Studio and run bare metal or RTOS based applications.

    2. There are no licenses required to work with the hardware. The Linux software provided for the ARM core is entirely free. A license is required for the SHARC DSP cores - more information can be found at

    3. Yes the board does support mono output

    4. All of the software for Linux can be downloaded from the SHARC development tools can be found at All of the relevant hardware reference manuals for the processor along with the EZ-Kit schematics etc can also be found on