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U-boot support for USB1 in the ADSP-SC589

We are working on a custom board design that uses the ADSP-SC589 chip and we would like to make use of the USB1 port as a TTY serial device for U-boot and Linux to use. The USB0 port is already being used to support a hub device. We are using the Yocto Linux for ADSP-SC5xx 1.0.0 distribution which would appear to support this for Linux with the appropriate flags enabled in the meta-layer but we don't see the equivalent for the U-boot side. It appears that U-boot was not made aware of the physical hardware, so just enabling the flags in U-boot will be insufficient to get this working here.

My question therefore is, will support for the USB1 port in U-boot be something that is in the works and coming soon, or can someone point me to the potential changes that we would need to make to make U-boot aware of the USB1 port so that we can implement this in our own meta-layer?  

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  • I am a co-worker of the person who sent the original inquiry.

    In our board, all three of the physical UARTs, as well as the USB0 peripheral, have dedicated purposes. And so, none of them are available to be used as the console in either U-Boot or Linux. In particular, it will be damaging to our application if any power-on messages (e.g. the U-Boot menu or the early Linux boot sequence) is ever printed to any of the UARTs.

    Only the USB1 peripheral is available. It is currently wired to operate in DEVICE mode.

    We are really hoping to use something similar to to create a console on the USB1 device.

    It looks like this ought to be possible to set up in Linux as a secondary console, but we'd really prefer it to be the primary console, brought up automatically.

    Also, we haven't been able to find any examples of trying to do something similar in U-Boot, is that possible?

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