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U-boot support for USB1 in the ADSP-SC589

We are working on a custom board design that uses the ADSP-SC589 chip and we would like to make use of the USB1 port as a TTY serial device for U-boot and Linux to use. The USB0 port is already being used to support a hub device. We are using the Yocto Linux for ADSP-SC5xx 1.0.0 distribution which would appear to support this for Linux with the appropriate flags enabled in the meta-layer but we don't see the equivalent for the U-boot side. It appears that U-boot was not made aware of the physical hardware, so just enabling the flags in U-boot will be insufficient to get this working here.

My question therefore is, will support for the USB1 port in U-boot be something that is in the works and coming soon, or can someone point me to the potential changes that we would need to make to make U-boot aware of the USB1 port so that we can implement this in our own meta-layer?