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sc589-ezkit. SRU question. A_DAI0_PB01_O not defined

I have a card developed from a sc589-ezkit card. I am using Yocto to generate an image for my card.


For my card, I use the same kernel but I modify what I need (configuration, devicetree, drivers etc ...)

I am in the process of setting up the DAIs.

Cross-code was used to obtain the pinmux, which was reported in the "./arch/arm/mach-sc58x/sc58x-ezkit.c" file in the "sru_init" function.


All our configuration compiles except one line: SRU (0, DAI0_PB01_O, SPT0_AD0_I);

This line generates the following errors:
I went to look in the rest of the code and it comes from the SRU macro which extends DAI0_PB01_O to A_DAI0_PB01_O, B_DAI0_PB01_O, C_DAI0_PB01_O etc ... up to G_DAI0_PB01_O.


A_DAI0_PB01_O and C_DAI0_PB01_O do not exist in the sc5xx_sru.h file


Naively, I would want to define A_DAI0_PB01_O and C_DAI0_PB01_O at 0x00 as for the other letters.

I do not understand what these groups represent (A, B, C ....). Where can I find the value I should use for the definition?