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How integrate sigmastudio application on sharc cores together with Linux


How we can integrate an sigmastudio application on sharc cores together with Linux.

Is there an example?


  • Hi,

    could you provide us with more details regarding what you are looking to achieve with Linux and Sigma Studio?

    For example, are you looking to pass audio data to/from the Linux core to the SHARC cores?

    Or are you looking to do something more specific with Sigma Studio and Linux.



  • Hi,

    To explain it more easily, let's use the "DemoUC project as example for a SC589 .

    At this moment we want nothing to change in the sharc0 and 1 cores.

    CORE0 (ARM core) works on Linux.

    The code on core0, what we must do with it? 
    Compiling this source code in a app on linux or something else?
    What to do with the memory addressing like (#pragma section("ss_app_code") in this code?
    How we can get/set the parameters/registers from the linux core to the sigmastudio schematic project?

    Is there an example project where signamstudio schematic works together with linux?

  • Can someone answer my request.
    It's very urgent