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Announcing Yocto Linux for ADSP-SC594 Processor - Release Candidate

Hi all,

I am pleased announce that we have tagged a release candidate of the Yocto Linux product for the new ADSP-SC594 processor from Analog Devices.

The ADSP-SC594 processor follows the previously supported processors in our Yocto Linux product by pairing an ARM core with Analog Devices SHARC+ DSP cores.

The ADSP-SC594 is highlighted by the following features:

  • Processor running at 1Ghz
  • Support for Quad SPI and Octal SPI with improved clock speed
  • Improved security and crypto features
  • Enhanced FIR and IIR accelerators running at up to 1Ghz

In order to compliment this silicon we have produced a new updated Yocto Linux release to support the ADSP-SC594 SOM and Carrier EZ-KIT boards.
NOTE: This release only currently supports the ADSP-SC594 processor. Other existing processors will be updated to this release in the coming months.

  • New U-Boot 2020.10 LTS release (finally forked from upstream!)
  • Linux kernel 5.4 LTS release
  • Yocto 3.1 (Dunfell) LTS release
  • GCC updated to 9.3
  • Init system switched from Busybox to SystemD
  • Recommended host OS upgraded from Ubuntu 18.04 to 20.04 LTS (18.04 should still work)
  • Ethernet driver upgraded to support additional features for audio synchronization

This release candidate is currently being prepared for release. Testing will determine whether release candidate becomes the final release.
The release note for this release is available here: Yocto Linux for ADSP-SC5xx Processors - Release for ADSP-SC594: Release Notes [Analog Devices Wiki]
The Getting Started Guide is available here: Yocto Linux Quickstart Guide for ADSP-SC594 [Analog Devices Wiki]

Best regards,


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