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Elk Audio OS on the Sharc Audio Module?

Would it be possible to run the Elk Audio OS on the Sharc Audio Module? Elk Audio OS is also Yocto based but it based on Linux 4.14:

  • Hi Shaikath,

    that's a really good question!
    I really like the Elk Audio OS concept and would love to see it running on the SHARC connected DSPs.

    What specific features of the Elk OS appeal to you? Is it just the high performance low latency audio?
    If so, we're currently working on some improvements to our Linux port that make SHARC audio support exceptionally fast!

    At the moment I am not aware of any port of the Elk Linux for the SHARCs.
    Is it possible? Yes. It is just another variant of Linux so someone could port it to the ARM core of the SHARCs.
    In order for it to support high performance, low latency audio it would need to be tuned for the processors, to ensure that data is transferred between the cores with the best performance. It's not a small task.

    There may also be proprietary applications that are part of the OS. These could only be ported by Elk themselves.
    I'm keen to talk to Elk, so let's see what happens here.



  • Thanks for your response Dave. I was most interested in being able to run the headless Sushi DAW thats part of Elk OS:

    I would also be interested in being able to use JACK. I saw your reply to my other post about working on ALSA integration with the SHARC cores. Does that also mean one would also be able to connect to the DSP cores as devices with JACK?