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Building lnxdsp-examples on linux host?

I'm attempting to follow the instructions here, but for the ADSP-SC589 Mini board:

Unfortunately some of the base code only works if you are using a case insensitive file system like Windows.  But once those problems are solved, the build still fails because of a missing ldf file:

Building target: mcapi_send_recv_sc589_mini_Core1.dxe
Invoking: CrossCore SHARC Linker
cc21k -proc ADSP-SC589 -si-revision any -T/home/XX/git/analog/lnxdsp-examples/mcapi/mcapi-message-example/adsp-sc589-mini/msg_send_recv_sc589_mini_Core1/system/startup_ldf/app.ldf -no-mem -map -L/home/XX/git/analog/lnxdsp-examples/mcapi/mcapi-message-example/adsp-sc589-mini/msg_send_recv_sc589_mini_Core1/Debug/system/startup_ldf -flags-link -MDCORE1,-MDOTHERCORE,-MDDEBUG -add-debug-libpaths -o mcapi_send_recv_sc589_mini_Core1.dxe @input-file.txt  -flags-link -od,.\.
cc3047: {D} error: `/home/XX/git/analog/lnxdsp-examples/mcapi/mcapi-message-example/adsp-sc589-mini/msg_send_recv_sc589_mini_Core1/system/startup_ldf/app.ldf' does not exist
makefile:90: recipe for target 'mcapi_send_recv_sc589_mini_Core1.dxe' failed
cc21k: 1 error detected
make: *** [mcapi_send_recv_sc589_mini_Core1.dxe] Error 1

Any idea where this file is generated and how I get it to build on Linux?