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SC589 PCIe dma access from EP to the RC memory


we are working with ezkit-sc589(with buildroot linux add-in). we connected the endpoint(EP) hardware via PCIe to the ezkit-sc589. the application on the sc589(arm core) has access (both read and write) to the EP registers through the pcie mapped memory.this way everything works correctly.

The EP has a DMA engine. we allocated memory on the host via the dma_alloc_coherent function, and wrote the obtained physical addresses to the corresponding endpoint registers. But EP cant read/write data from/to Root Complex(sc589). The same driver code work correct on the x86 platform with the same linux kernel (4.0) .
what should we additionally configure from the sc589 side so that the endpoint has access to the RootComplex(Sc589) memory over PCI?

  • Hi,

    unfortunately we are no longer supporting the PCIe peripheral for ADSP-SC5xx in our Linux distribution.

    That support has been removed in the latest release of the Yocto Linux product for ADSP-SC5xx.



  • Hi!

    we are aware that the pci sc589 driver has been removed from yocto distribution. 

    that's why we use buildroot linux addin.

    is buildroot linux addin still supported? or is there support only for yocto distributions?

    by the way, what is the reason that the pci sc589 driver is removed in yocto distributions? is there a hardware problem because of which support has been discontinued?