ADSP-SC587 debugging Multiple SHARC Cores on Same PCB when Linux on Core0 issue


I have a custom PCB with 2 x SC587 Chips Both have external RAM chips  setup the same as the SC589 Ezi Eval Kit

Device 0

    Core 0 has Linux. 

    Core 1 Baremetal Sharc App

    Core 2 Baremetal Sharc App

Device 1 

    Core 0 BareMetal    

    Core 1 Baremetal Sharc App

    Core 2 Baremetal Sharc App

The Jtag chain....  Jtag TDO -> Device 1 -> Device 0 ->Jtag TDI

I setup CCS  as per linux add in guide and removed the Program from Device 0 Core 0 , disabled semihosting, auto break points and Target Options "Halt core after con to target".. check Boxes as below  (its the core that running Linux

When I try to debug this, CCS it will fail to load the other cores and usually crashes CCS  Or pops up this Message below. Its like its still trying to load on to the Linux Core

I have tried all combinations in the CCS debug Multiprocessor Group and same issues

If I rewire the Jtag Chain to ONLY have Device 0 Then It appears to be OK

If I blow away Linux and Load Baremetal on all devices and all cores its fine.

Its like its trying to load the Wrong program on the wrong Device when One is told to not load a program.As I did catch it on time where it loaded Device 1  Code into Device 0.

Has anyone got any words of wisdom?