ADSP-SC589 networking

Hi, support,

I am starting familiarize myself with the ADSP-SC589 EZ-Board, and so far I have got the linux core working, using the default linux image.

I am following the instructions in "linux_add_in_user_guide_1.3.1", and I have been able to set it up to boot from the SD card.

However, I had no ethernet network running, so I did the "make menuconfig" and enabled "DHCP", and ran "make" to build from source. In this process I also selected the "nano" text editor.

I replaced the content of the SD-card and rebooted the board.

The nano text editor was there, and the /etc/network/interfaces had changed to include DHCP.

But "ifconfig -a" showed no ip.

If I do "/etc/init.d/S40network restart" I get 

# ./S40network restart                                                          

Stopping network...ifdown: interface lo not configured                          

ifdown: interface eth0 not configured                                           

Starting network...                                                             

/bin/sh: run-parts: not found                                                   

ifup: don't seem to have all the variables for eth0/inet    

What am I doing wrong?