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ADSP SC589 linux add in no u-boot output

I have an SC-589 ezkit board (BOM 1.8) and am trying to install u-boot by following the steps in the linux add in guide (

I'm using Ubuntu 14.04.6 LTS and have downloaded and installed the required packages CrossCore Embedded Studio and Linux Add-In for CrossCore Embedded Studio.
The boot mode switch is set to position 0.
I have OpenOCD running with the ICE1000 in a terminal.
In another terminal i have minicom open on ttyUSB0.
And another terminal where i use de gdb.

I do the (gdb) load init-sc589-ezkit.elf command and that seems okay, but then i do the (gdb) c command and the sys_fault LED on the board turns on (red).
Is that normal behaviour?

When I continue with the other steps in the guide the board does not output anything to the minicom terminal.
Is there something I'm doing wrong here? If there is more information needed I'll happily provide this, thanks in advance.

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  • Hi ,

    I've verified it locally, it works well on sc589-ezkit BOM 1.8 board with 1.3.1 u-boot images. It's normal when the sys_fault LED is on while using openocd+gdb to flash the uboot.

    I've attached the logs below:

    GDB logs:

    jianchen@jianchen-OptiPlex-7020:/opt/analog/cces-linux-add-in/1.3.1/uboot-sc5xx-1.3.1/bin$ arm-none-eabi-gdb u-boot-sc589-ezkit
    GNU gdb (GDB) 7.8.1
    Copyright (C) 2014 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
    License GPLv3+: GNU GPL version 3 or later <>
    This is free software: you are free to change and redistribute it.
    There is NO WARRANTY, to the extent permitted by law. Type "show copying"
    and "show warranty" for details.
    This GDB was configured as "--host=i686-linux-gnu --target=arm-none-eabi".
    Type "show configuration" for configuration details.
    For bug reporting instructions, please see:
    Find the GDB manual and other documentation resources online at:
    For help, type "help".
    Type "apropos word" to search for commands related to "word"...
    Reading symbols from u-boot-sc589-ezkit...done.
    (gdb) target remote :3333
    Remote debugging using :3333
    0x00004884 in ?? ()
    (gdb) load init-sc589-ezkit.elf
    Loading section .text, size 0x580 lma 0x20080000
    Start address 0x20080024, load size 1408
    Transfer rate: 24 KB/sec, 1408 bytes/write.
    (gdb) c
    Program received signal SIGINT, Interrupt.
    0x0000546e in ?? ()
    (gdb) load u-boot-sc589-ezkit.
    u-boot-sc589-ezkit.bin u-boot-sc589-ezkit.ldr
    (gdb) load u-boot-sc589-ezkit.
    u-boot-sc589-ezkit.bin u-boot-sc589-ezkit.ldr
    (gdb) load u-boot-sc589-ezkit
    Loading section .text, size 0x2dc64 lma 0xc2200000
    Loading section .rodata, size 0xb3cb lma 0xc222dc64
    Loading section .hash, size 0x2c lma 0xc2239030
    Loading section .data, size 0x224e lma 0xc223905c
    Loading section .got.plt, size 0xc lma 0xc223b2ac
    Loading section .u_boot_list, size 0x878 lma 0xc223b2b8
    Loading section .rel.dyn, size 0x7268 lma 0xc223bb30
    Loading section .dynsym, size 0x60 lma 0xc2242d98
    Loading section .dynstr, size 0x2a lma 0xc2242df8
    Loading section .dynamic, size 0x80 lma 0xc2242e24
    Loading section .interp, size 0x14 lma 0xc2242ea4
    Start address 0xc2200000, load size 274099
    Transfer rate: 28 KB/sec, 3606 bytes/write.
    (gdb) c

    Minicom log:

    U-Boot 2015.01 ADI-1.3.1 (Jun 28 2019 - 11:03:56), Build: jenkins-1.3.1-IP119-U9

    CPU: ADSP ADSP-SC589-0.1 (Detected Rev: 1.1) (spi flash boot)
    VCO: 450 MHz, Cclk0: 450 MHz, Sclk0: 112.500 MHz, Sclk1: 112.500 MHz, DCLK: 450z
    OCLK: 150 MHz
    I2C: ready
    DRAM: 224 MiB
    MMC: SC5XX SDH: 0
    SF: Detected W25Q128BV with page size 256 Bytes, erase size 4 KiB, total 16 MiB
    *** Warning - bad CRC, using default environment

    In: serial
    Out: serial
    Err: serial
    other init
    Net: dwmac.3100c000
    Hit any key to stop autoboot: 0
    sc #

    Please help to attach your logs if you still have this problem, thanks a lot.

  • Hello ,

    It seems there's nothing wrong from your output log, could you double check your hardware and software just as your guess.

    1. Check the USB to UART cable, Make sure there is ttyUSB0 in /dev directory.

          test@test-OptiPlex-3050:~$ ls /dev/tty
          ... ttyUSB0

    2. Check software configuration,to make sure there is nothing wrong with the minicom setup: 

    • sudo minicom -s

    Within minicom: “Serial port setup”

    • Select Serial port setup
      • Set Serial Device to /dev/ttyUSB0
      • Set Bps/Par/Bits to 57600 8N1
      • Set Hardware Flow Control to No
      • Close the Serial port setup option
    • Select Save setup as dfl

    • Select Exit

    If you still have this issue please let us know.

    Thanks & Best Regards,
    Huan Feng

  • Another point is please make sure you are doing all of these operations in a local host not in a virtual machine as in vm there will be hardware connection probelms. Thanks a lot.

  • I've found the issue 

    It was indeed the USB to UART that was not functioning, due to missing the U26 chip.
    Soldering wires of an FTDI USB cable to the designated pins of U26 did the trick.

    Works like a charm now.

    Now to find out how to port the init stub/u-boot for this board to a custom board that uses the sc58processor.

    Thanks for your help and input.