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SHARC core 2 stuck


We are using ADSP-SC589 in my custom board &
Linux add-in 1.2.0
CCES 2.8.2

Whenever we run SHARC core 1 &2 together for the MCAPI communication with ARM, SHARC core 2 stuck/hanged.
But if run only SHARC core 2 with ARM then it's work fine .

what are the possible point to debug/ solve the issue.

NOTE: same program work fine with ADSP-SC589 EZ Board (eval board).

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  • Hi

    Sorry for the late reply

    (It's all about customized board)
    1. I checked the status b/w ARM core0 & SHARC core1
        in all the cases status: MCAPI_SUCCESS
        I checked with SHARC core2 also & it's also have the same status i.e MCAPI_SUCCESS.
        But problem with SHARC Core2 is that it's have delay more than 30 sec during mcapi_endpoint_get()
        on  both side respectively (i.e ARM0 & SHARC2) & same delay problem during mcapi_msg_send()
        & mcapi_msg_recv() on both respective sides.
        But i expect the response immediately (like the communication b/w ARM0 & SHARC1 ).

    4. Are you talking about entire kernel build log?

    Thanks & Regards

  • Hi Parikshit,

    Thanks for your information.

    I have got your test log from the Support team and try to double check to reproduce your issue following your configurations and  steps (Linux add-in 1.2.0 & CCES 2.8.2 & SC589 with Core0 ,Core1 and Core2 communication). But I am sorry I can't get your/your customer's problem in my board.

    So could you please have a try following the below steps again:

        1. Please double check the below examples that we provided can work well in your Board or not, and these tow  examples all work well in my sc589-EZ-Kit board:

              Example1. Core0 - Core2 BareMetal example:, Note for this example, please run F5 to run Core0 to Core2 and the test log as the attached showing.

              Example 2. Core0-Core1&2 Linux-BareMetal example: following this document to run the three core example and get the test log,

         2.  Please enable the icc debuing log option in kernel-configuration as below and get the log:

    $ cd ~/sc5xx_dev/buildroot/
    $  make linux-menuconfig

                And following this PATH to enable the icc debug option.

           Device Drivers  --->
                 [*] Staging drivers  --->
                     [*]   icc driver  --->
                          --- icc driver
                          [*]   icc protocol
                          [*]   icc debug

                 Then type "make linux-rebuild;make" to rebuild the kernel and get the log.

    $  make linux-rebuild;make

                 Load the generated uImage and dtb file to target board and the icc debug will be shown when running the MCAPI example. 

         3.  Could you please share your MCAPI example and ICC driver code to us via E-mail:

             Your MCAPI example: maybe at buildroot/output/build/libmcapi-HEAD/libmcapi-2.0/tests/

             ICC driver folder for linux-addin-1.2.0:


                                         buildroot/linux/linux-kernel/arch/arm/boot/dts/sc589-ezkit.dts & sc58x.dtsi

        4. Could you please share the above test logs for us via Email:

    E-mail Address:

    Best Regards


  • Hi Sullivan
    Thanks for the support 
    I have mailed all the files & icc-driver debug log.
    kindly, check the mail.

    Thanks again

  • Hi Parikshit

    Thanks for your information and I will keep checking the mail from support team.

    And just to double check that:

    1. Could the projects we provided above can works (core0 and core2) at your/your customer's board ?
    2. Could your example can works  at at our standard SC589-EZKIT evaluation board (core0 and core2)?
    3. Did the ICC & MCAPI patch for linux-add-in1.2.0 &  mcapi-2.0 at has been applied successfully ?
    4. Did some changes made in your ICC driver ?

    Thanks again


  • Hi Sullivan

    Thanks for your support
    1.  Nope, I didn't checked your example at any board.
    2. My example/project working as expected on standard SC589-EZKIT evaluation board (core0 and core2).
    3. Yes, ICC & MCAPI patch has been successfully applied.
    4. And I don't have any changes in ICC driver at my level.

    Sorry, I also have a info that -
    customize board has ADSP-SC587.

    Parikshit Thakur

  • Hi Parikshit,

    Thanks for your information.

    These days, I ported you example into my sc589-ezkit board, it works well with the three-core communication following your comments.

    1. For ADSP-SC589: I think all of your options are correctly in using the MCAPI and ICC.
    2. For ASSP-SC587: Could I do an investigation about the different with the ADSP-SC587 & ADSP-SC589, and then feedback your later?

    Thanks Again!