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Upstream ADI Linux

Hello, is it planned to push drivers from ADI kernel (4.0) to upstream Linux? Or at least update ADI kernel to some longterm release (like 4.4, which has projected EOL on Feb, 2022)? I have noticed that Blackfin processors were in upstream kernel until march this year, so I would like to know if you have some "upstreaming" plans for SC5xx processors.

Jan Havran

  • Hi Jan,

    we are currently working on an update the the kernel for ADSP-SC5xx which will be based on an more recent upstream version.

    By the time we publish we expect this to be the 4.19 LTS release.

    Our plan is to release this via Github and to actively work on upstreaming our content and helping to maintain those in upstream from then on.

    We are hoping to have more news about this some time early in 2019.

    Unfortunately we are not planning on pushing the older 4.0 based kernel changes upstream.



  • Hello,

    any news on this? According to this post you are preparing Linux-addin 1.4.0 release. I wonder if it will contain some newer version of Linux or just updated 4.0?


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  • Hi Jan,
    The 1.4.0 release is now a bit behind our current plans. Let me explain what we hope to do during the coming year.

    Linux add-in 1.3.1:

    • This is a minor point release to the current 1.3.0 release of the Linux add-in that addresses issues with changing parts on the EZ-KITS. This release will still use the old kernel.

    Linux add-in 1.4.0:

    •  This release will no longer happen in the form of a Linux add-in release. Based on customer feedback and changing trends in the embedded market we are planning to switch to a Yocto based release.

    Instead we will be releasing:

    ADI Yocto Linux Release 1.0.0:

    • This will be based on an updated Linux kernel which is forked from upstream Linux kernel.
      It also includes all the development changes ADI previously made for the old Linux kernel.
      It will support the following boards, same as the Linux add-in:

      • ADSP-SC589
      • ADSP-SC584
      • ADSP-SC573
      • ADSP-SC589-MINI
    • The release will use an updated uBoot that contains all older changes ported forward.
    • The release will use the Yocto Build system rather than Buildroot.
    • The release will be released independently to CrossCore Embedded Studio with all relevant components included in the release.
    • This release is scheduled to be released in the second half of 2019.

    We do have a working build of the newer kernel in-house, however this has not undergone release testing.
    We are planning on making a snapshot of this newer kernel (along with some minor patches to the existing 1.3.0 Buildroot and uBoot) for users that may wish to evaluate the kernel.



  • Hi Dave,

    thank you very much for this answer. Please allow me to ask one more question: is it still planned to release your Linux kernel on git(hub)?



  • Hi Jan,

    yes, the kernel will be released via github, along with all the other sources, and our build scripts.

    We're hoping to also release a docker image so people can build with exactly the same build environment that is used in production testing.



  • Hi Dave,

    Is there any chance that we could access snapshot of the newer kernel? We have encountered some issues with the current one, specifically with the hr-timers not working, and would like to see if we have more success with current build.

    We have a support case for the aforementioned issue, but yet to hear back. Would appreciate any information and happy to take this offline.