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Enhancement request for 'corecontrol' CCES Linux Add-In utility to get core image from Linux file system

Please add an optional 'filepath/filename' argument to the CCES Linux Add-In's 'corecontrol' utility (part of the "sc5xx corecontrol tool" package) so it can load SHARC core images (*.dxe) residing in a file in the core0 Linux filesystem. For example:

Please add a 'filepath/filename' argument to the 'corecontrol' utility (part of the "sc5xx corecontrol tool" package), ex:

     $ "corecontrol  --start <coreID>  [filename]

The ability to start a core from a binary image file may require changes to mcapi and/or icc drivers but would greatly enhance the overall end-product reliability, design flexibility (reduced part requirement) and ease of development of the Linux Add-In's multicore functionality. It's much safer (not having to mess with the system's only means of booting itself) & easier to update a file in the rootfs (even remotely) than updating the U-Boot loader image and possibly bricking the entire system until it can be recovered with direct ICE or serial+ROMboot connection.