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SSM2603 ALSA config allows for a system lockup

I have an audio app that uses the ALSA driver for the SSM2603.  When I kill this app using 'kill' or just ctrl-c it, the system locks up and the watchdog fires off to reboot the system.  The system accepts no input after I send the signal.  I've traced it down to a change in the ALSA config.  When I make the change below, the system responds normally (ie, I can keep typing in my terminal on my device after I kill the process).  Any ideas?

FYI, I've attached the ALSA configs which shows that when the value is set to 'true', the system doesn't lock up.



@@ -156,7 +156,7 @@

        control.14 {

                iface MIXER

                name 'Output Mixer HiFi Playback Switch'

-               value true

+               value false

                comment {

                        access 'read write'

                        type BOOLEAN
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