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i2c on BF537 stamp


I have problems to get a i2c communication between the BF537 and simple i2c device (LM75) running.

my question: i would expect to find something like /dev/i2c-0 in the /dev directory.

what I have is:

root:/dev> ls

console             network_throughput  ram14               random

cpu_dma_latency     null                ram15               rtc0

fd                  ptmx                ram2                stderr

foo                 pts                 ram3                stdin

full                ram0                ram4                stdout

kmsg                ram1                ram5                tty

log                 ram10               ram6                ttyBF0

mdev.seq            ram11               ram7                urandom

mem                 ram12               ram8                watchdog

network_latency     ram13               ram9                zero

does that mean that my kernel is not i2c capable?

and if not, since I flagged i2c support (x), what should I do else?

thanks in advance


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