Qt project with mcapi

Hi! I want to include MCAPI library in my Qt project. What should I do to make this?

I copied mcapi 2.0 headers into myproject/mcapi folder and append INCLUDEPATH += $$PWD/mcapi into .pro file. Also I appended DEPENDPATH += $$PWD/mcapi and unix:!macx: LIBS += -L$$PWD/mcapi/ -lmcapi. But I get error

mainwindow.o: In function `MainWindow::on_pushButton_2_clicked()':

../myproject/mainwindow.cpp:(.text+0x134): undefined reference to `mcapi_initialize(unsigned int, unsigned int, attributes_t const*, int const*, mcapi_info_t*, unsigned int*)'

collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

  • Hi, we have a set of test application that use the MCAPI, you can try to take it as reference and implement your application. At first enable the following items in the buidlroot menuconfig and build

    1) make linux-menuconfig -> device drivers -> staging drivers -> icc driver

    2) make menuconfig -> target packages -> Miscellaneous -> bfin inter-core communication support 

    3) make menuconfig -> target packages -> libraries -> other ->libmcapi

    after that you will have the source files for core A Linux:


    for core B bare metal:


    One example is output/build/libmcapi-931/libmcapi-2.0/tests/msg1.c as the test application on core A, with it's counterpart output/build/icc-930/example/task/mcapi_msg1.c on core B.

    Another example is output/build/libmcapi-931/libmcapi-2.0/tests/bmp2jpg.c on core A, and output/build/icc-930/example/task/cjpeg.c on core B

  • You can use the mcapi library generated by our test framework, by enabling the items mentioned above, instead of copy the source. In buildroot the header and library will be in the following path, that you can use to include and link:

    header:  output/staging/usr/include/mcapi-2.0

    lib: output/staging/usr/lib/libmcapi* 

  • I can compile simple examples like "msg1" with linking library from output/staging/..., but Qt project don't want to link library.

    May be this library can be used only in C-projects and not in C++ projects?

    By the way, there is a problem in file mcapi_impl_spec.h - at line 110. I have to comment the word "extern" to successfully compile my program.

    #ifdef __cplusplus

    extern }

    #endif /* __cplusplus */

  • By "Qt project don't want to link library" do you mean you have tried to link lib generated in output/staging/usr/lib/libmcapi* as I recommended earlier and you are having issues by doing this? Could you elaborate how you did that, with proper code/patches, and attach the detailed error log too?

  • Have you got Qt and mcapi working on BF609?  You will see https://ez.analog.com/message/241011#241011 that I am trying to get mcapi working (and so far failing!) with the intention of getting Qt and mcapi working too.